Practical Info

Internet and Communication: Internet is available throughout the country 24/7. Benin is currently one of the most digitalized country in the region and have strong enough internet for online and zoom meetings. Even for Netflix!

Visa : Through its platform  Benin offers instant visa to everyone.

Language: People speak both French and English in Benin, though French remains the most popular language. The country is also one of the best places in the world to learn and immerse in French.

Money: With a little money, you will have a fun stay in Benin. ATM and Currency Exchange companies are available in the country.

Health: There is a list of renown Hospitals, Health Clinic and Medical professional recommended by the US Embassy in Benin on its website

Transportation: We offer a “Everywhere you go” fair deal for your stay. Rental vehicles wit/without a driver or public transportation options are also available.

Accommodation: Cheap or Luxury Hotels, Homestay, Airbnb and Camping sites are among our offers.


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